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smash that mfin play button every section has a track, don’t you dare skip the music

We’ve been over this format in the past blogpost, but I’m going to introduce you to a small facet of a complex thinker’s work, set out a series of facts about a current event, and then make my argument about what matters. There’s an infinite amount of stupid things you can say about everything online, but these blogs are about indicating what things are productive.

In that spirit, I’m going to start by listing things that I am thankful to God for before…

we’re going evstyle, no caps.

you don’t listen to my song? you come to my Shit Blog Online and you Don’t Click Play? Come on Dog.

if you take an earnest look at yourself in the mirror (assuming you are lucky enough to possess a self cohesive enough for this task in 2021), you can earnestly state you are impaired. slow. inadequate for the task. you are both don quixote and his pudgy little squire and the braindead idiot who couldn’t read more than 20 pages of don quixote without looking at his phone. …

Hey man, don’t dox me. Just don’t. I have a kid, my parents and friends tell me I’m a good dad, I’m not even saying anything crazy. In order to really don the armour of literary nudism, I need to reference “the real,” I need to touch the grass of my life. So don’t go digging, please. I tend to be competent at things, and as a result of that habit, I tend to leave digital trails. Please. Be Polite.

When I was in high school, I was involved in a political simulation club. An organization in my community coordinated…

Imagine that you’re at the bonfire. Whichever bonfire is your Platonic Bonfire, whichever ‘guys’ are your guys are around, but hardly visible. There’s some soft music on the bluetooth speaker, you can’t hear the words over the crackling of the fire. The friend that your friend brought brings you another drink (whatever drink you have at your Platonic Bonfire), and creaks his way into the Chinese plastic lawn chair beside you.

A moment breathes in and passes. You crack/sip/swirl the drink of your choice. He does the same.

He turns to you and says “Listen man, I don’t think any…

This is a little ‘thinkpiece’ that I did for Kantbot’s “Autistic Mercury” site back in the day. Now he blocked me. So it goes. Anyhow, apologies for the tone of the writing, I was trying to be professional and advance a concrete argument.

Why has Bladee, and #DrainGang by extension, resonated with the right-wing twittersphere? What about his music lends Bladee and his branding to a reactionist perspective? His resonance can be attributed to the #DrainGang ethos and the extent to which this ethos aligns so closely with many twitter user’s, and Baudrillard’s, critiques of modern life.

In a 2018…

subheading: ontology isn’t a joke

Hey man, how’s it going? Hit that comment line below! ATF/CIA/Mossad please I am helping Medium generate revenue don’t worry about the details.

I know that demons are real, and it isn’t weird to say it anymore. My friends got banned for saying that COVID came from a lab, and now it’s just the New Hip Take. 2021 is the year for relentless, zealous, irritating-at-the-water-cooler truth.

(Kill Your Soul for Money for Free)

There are people online that will talk to you about ghosts and demons for hours. They will sit in their room, the room that they spend all day…

Ecclesiastes 1:2–11

I know you’re used to making yourself at home wherever you go. I know that every place feels just like every other, and there’s a certain roughness that gets lost when that happens. “Wow, another medium article, this one has the wojak man writing.” Why turn on your brain, why engage, why twitch your way out of the dopamine induced coma digital media has you in? There’s a fundamental tactile nature to our lives that disappears when the 7/11 on 6th is the same as the 7/11 on 10th, but we’ve all been over this before, haven’t we? I know…


subject for whom being itself is an issue warranting action

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